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Scott Tennant and Friends

On January 19, 2019, we had the honor of performing for an Andrés Segovia tribute concert that my teacher Scott Tennant and Guitar Salon International hosted. It was an amazing event that served as Scott Tennant's album release party for his album "The Segovia Sessions." It also featured guitar greats such as the LAGQ, Andrew York, Taso Comanescu, and Tavi Jinariu. Thank you Guitar Salon International! And thanks to Felix Salazar for taking the photos.

This was the final bow at the end of the concert.

From L to R: Bill Kanengiser, Wesley Park, Taso Comanescu, Alex Park, Andrew York, John Dearman, Matt Grief, Tavi Jinariu, and Scott Tennant.

Final Bow

The interesting part of the event was that we all played on Jose Ramirez guitars. Scott played on a Ramirez that was owned by Segovia. However, Andrew York, Bill Kanengiser, and Matt Grief did not own Ramirez guitars, so they had to borrow ours!

This is Andrew York using Alex's 1965 AM Ramirez guitar. Scott Tennant is using the Segovia Ramirez. They played York's duet "Sanzen In"

LAGQ had a surprise appearance to close the night. Bill Kanengiser played on Wesley's 1966 JG Ramirez, Matt Grief played on Alex's 1966 AM Ramirez

Here are some more pictures of the night:

It was very fun hanging out with such amazing guitarists.

From L to R: Wesley, John Dearman, Scott Tennant, Alex, Andrew York, and Bill Kanengiser.

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